Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gap Elastic-trim Tank: A breastfeeding favorite!

Hello breastfeeding mamas, I've found nirvana. Literally.

Mamas, meet Gap Elastic-trim Tank. My new favorite nursing essential, I wish I had bought them in every color when Gap had a 30% off promotion last week. I only bought it in off white, and I will be buying them in every other color come the next sale. It stretches like crazy, I can pull it down under my boob and pop D on my boob for a feeding. I really never thought I'd find normal tank tops like this that would give me so much stretch, I hate the typical nursing tank tops - they are too much work for me. When D gets hungry, he wants his boob, NOW.

The tank tops are available in red, off-white, navy blue and heather gray and priced just right at 19.95 (but if you are just as cheap as I am, wait for a sale!). Get them now at Gap.

Tons of hugs,





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  1. they look super cute for non breast feeding moms too! love the color!