Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Vignette & Dirty Beard Press

My husband found a letterpressed thank you note from my BFF the other day, I felt inspired. It's amazing how a simple handcrafted note can do that. My BFF, Laural, owns her own letterpress shop out in the New England region. Dirty Beard Press has been up and running for a few years now, Laural can press anything for you from wedding invites to a simple notecard. She's mighty good at illustration too, if you need something designed for your letterpressed goodie.

I told the hubs that I wanted to go to IKEA and grab a frame for it, we had to go there anyways to make a return. I got the 4x6 RIBBA frame in black for the notecard and a pair of cheap NYTTJA frames to throw a couple of family pictures in for the half bathroom.

I built a small fall vignette on my fireplace mantle using the newly framed notecard among the other knick knacks I already had lying around. The number one rule for creating a vignette is to group items in odd numbers, never even!

1) Dirty Beard Press letterpress notecard with the IKEA RIBBA frame. 2) I Married Adventure: The Lives of Martin and Osa Johnson book. 3) Pinecone candleholder.

I'm all set for fall, I'm not lifting another finger for halloween decor. Everything will collect dust in the basement until 2013 including Christmas decor, there's a particular baby that likes waking up his mama every two hours at night. I've been forced to favor naps over fun stuff like decor, sigh.

Tons of hugs on this beautiful fall day,



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