Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Buy or DIY - Clothes Divider

Today's post focuses on our impending arrival of Baby V. I've been nesting since day 1 and I wanted to share what I found online for clothes organizer for the baby's closet and what I ended up doing. Here are a couple of clothes dividers that are ridiculously cute! I decided to DIY the dividers and call it a day.'s Fourth & Folded DIY Clothing Dividers (not for sale anymore, insert sad face here)

Another Etsy creation! His Glory Clothing Dividers - 10.50

The Container Store's Blank Closet Rod Divider - .99 cents each

DIY Version - Keep reading for instructions!

Supplies Needed

1) Cardstock (I used Paper Source's Luxe Fino Cream Cover Sheet. I had them lying around by the bulk from our 2010 wedding save the date project)

2) 2 x 4 Clear Shipping Label Stickers (I bought mine on clearance from Target and it was lying around the house as well, you can buy here from

3) Self Curing Cutting Mat

4) Printer
5) Circle Cutter (I used Martha Stewart Crafts Simple Circle Cutter that I bought from Michaels)
6) Xacto Knife

This project was really simple and took me at least an hour from start to finish. 

1) 'X' marks the spot. I drew crosses where I wanted the center to be. I was able to cut out two 4" dividers from an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock.

2) Using the Martha Stewart Simple Circle Cutter, I centered the 'X' on the paper (be sure to use your self curing mat to protect your table!!) with the center of the cutter, I cut out a 1.5" circle then a 4" outside circle. 

3) This picture doesn't show the inner 1.5" circle but use your imagination here. Grins. Cut a diagonal line from the outer edge to the inner edge. This is so you can easily slip the divider on your closet rod without having to dismantle it. 

4) I printed out divider labels for newborn clothing, 0-3 months clothing and so on. Just slap the sticker on the divider and trim off the excess with an xacto knife.

Your divider is ready to go! Mine kept slipping to the side so I realize it may be helpful to add some weight to it. I added a tiny piece of magnet to the bottom of each divider for some weight and it's working so far! This project has cost me only pennies, which makes me a happy blogger.


P.S. I have way more clothes up there now! Don't tell the hubs, I've been guilty of buying baby clothes because they're oh so cutteeeee. ;)

Contact me if you're interested in getting a template for the clothing divider labels.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Manimani Clock

Wouldn't this Manimani clock look lovely in your living room? I recently spotted this beauty over at Apartment Therapy. Drool!

Too bad they're only sold in the UK, to order this particular clock, head on over to Studiomold.